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Hullo guise im a lemon

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Hullo guise im a lemon Empty Hullo guise im a lemon

Post  CombustLemonz Mon May 27, 2013 11:02 pm

Hello my name is lemonz. I saw Chick3ns youtube so I came to his awesome server!
I hope to donate soon when I have the money.
Minecraft in game name: CombustLemonz
Why that name you ask?
Well on steam I go buy Combustible Lemons and on xbox CombustLemonz
Still Why the combustible fire lemonz? Its a Portal 2 reference to cave johnson's lemon speech.
See for enlightenment:

Age: 13 for those who are wondering

A little more about lemon!

I have a Teamspeak server and a private MC server hosted by NFO.
Teamspeak is a VoiP service that allows you to voice chat while in-game!
if your interested in joining it and talking to lemon join it here(Sorry if advertising)
I used to play TF2(Team Fortress 2) all the time I traded hats and made money off that game as well as playing competitively.I just cashed out and sold all my items in TF2 to play other games: Minecraft/Garry's mod/the other steam games I have never played that are in my library(lol).
Also despite my name saying lemon I actually like the color lime instead as you can see my the text of this post(if what I tried worked lol)

I hope to see you ingame!

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Hullo guise im a lemon Empty Re: Hullo guise im a lemon

Post  Chick3nman512 Tue May 28, 2013 12:55 am

Welcome to the community! Enjoy your stay and try not to combust too many lemonz!

Hullo guise im a lemon Mca

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